About - Live in a Cali state of mind

A lifestyle brand that's good for the Earth 

We founded this brand with you in mind: a free spirit, a sun lover, an adventurer. You may have a California way of living life, even if you don't live in California - because Cali is a state of mind. 
We're proud to offer organic, vegan skincare and perfumes, Earth friendly apparel, and handmade jewelry. What began in 2012 as an answer to a lack of organic skincare and perfumes on the market has since evolved with the times into a complete brand - and, moreso, a state of mind. 

Our founder, Sarah Kaupp, had struggled with skin and health issues her whole life, and found a cure in natural and organc essential oils. She then began making her own skincare and perfume products using essential oils, as there were few to none on the market at that time - and none she could afford. Once friends heard of her products, they began placing "orders" as it were for themselves and their children; Sarah particularly recalls a young boy, the son of a friend, who suffered from serious eczema. After using Sarah's products, he found relief and even began having clearer skin! 

Inspired by the boy's recovery, Sarah decided that more people should have access to natural products such as these, and so she began her online shop. As people around the world reached out to her for products, she realized many needed not only natural products - but also affordable ones. Since then, she has built our team to serve the community of people who are like-minded regarding the use of natural products. 

We also serve to protect our Earth: the reef, the turtles, and other animals that we aim to spare from the harm of major companies who want to test on them or ruin their homes. All of our products are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, reef-safe, and even affordable. We supply more than natural products - we offer a state of mind.  

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